Mark Illian

Nature Healing Nature (NHN)

President & Founder





February 14, 2019



Nature Healing Nature empowers people to help themselves by bringing their programs into the world. Their mission is to affect dynamic solutions to global issues such as:

Eliminating Water Related Illness on Earth - Action
The Center For Rainwater Harvesting - Technology
Empowering Youth and Adults - Motivation


NHN was founded in 2007 by Mark Illian, father, husband, electrical engineer, process control engineer, who had been all over the world doing engineering projects. NHN shifted everything for Mark and he now works with his wife Monika, traveling to some of the most remote villages in the world, showing people how to clean their water and build dignified latrines using only materials they have readily available. It’s all about affecting behavioral change to eliminate water related illnesses, especially diarrhea, in the world. Diarrhea is the number one cause of death in children less than 5 years of age in Africa, and number two in the rest of the world’s developing countries. NHN began partnering with Engineers Without Borders in 2003. Since then we have been creating successful and sustainable projects in South Africa and Peru.