Earle Martin

Author: The Boy Who Saved My Life


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Earle Martin was an Episcopal priest for twelve years before leaving the ministry and receiving a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Houston. Following a brief time at the Family Service Association, he was for many years in private practice in psychotherapy, and is now retired. His first wife, Katherine, whom Charlie called "My Nanny," died in 2001. He lives in Houston with his wife, Kristi, and their dog, Nimrod.

Charlie Stubbs and Earle Martin live on the same street, just two blocks from each other, and are the best of friends. Charlie, who lives with his family and his cat Annie II, is now twenty-four. He has been coming to Earle's home at least twice a week for his entire life.

The Boy Who Saved My Life is the story of his grandson, Charlie, who is autistic. Charlie works in the day program at Brookwood Community. All proceeds from the book, available for sale at the meeting, go to Brookwood.

More info is available at: www.theboywhosavedmylife.com