Soon to be moving to Houston
February 11, 2021
11:30 am - 1:00 pm
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Hope Houston is a Holistic Humanitarian Initiative to Re-Build & Re-Juvenate “In Need” areas in US cities via Education, Housing, Community Centers & Employment. 
Education: We are collaborating with the principals & wrap around specialists and our education stewards at elementary schools merging the gap of children, teaches & families and Their success.  We’re outlining their statistics, programs, initiatives, partnerships, their challenges, barriers, needs, goals & their dreams; putting an action plan & program together to reduce and diminish obstacles.  Re-igniting The Soul’s “Light”.
Housing & Community Centers: Buy, Build-out & Provide Transitional Housing, permanent Housing & potential Home Ownership, Community Centers, Family Resource Centers, babysitting, tutoring, support groups, mentors, sports, music, arts, choir, after school programs, Partner with Churches to Reach their Community’s & Share the 9 Fruits of The Holy Spirit, collaborate with local gov’t – HISD, Sherriff’s, Precinct Commissioners, Judges, Univ of Houston, Police Dept, personal development for ALL children to clear out the emotional, physical & spiritual abuse. . . So, they can Grow to Be Who They Were Born To Be!!!  Re-Building Heart’s & Hope
Employment: Provide employment for the uneducated, hardship & broken humans,  Work for ones without credentials, bad backgrounds or poor employment history via retail facilities in the multi-use properties, work opportunity at the housing facilities & community centers, partnering with organizations to place them & providing employment opportunities within, Building Retail Facilities for Employment . . . Re-Juvenating a Community’s Spirit
Starting with Houston, then Austin, the State of Texas & Any City & Community that wants to . . .
Re-Build & Re-Juvenate