Thursday, March 24, 2022

Tony's Restaurant-3755 Richmond Ave, Houston, 77046



Born in Puebla, Mexico in 1982, Betirri is a local artist in Houston, Texas, internationally recognized primarily by a series of paintings depicting bodiless sport figures in motion.

His work ranges from figurative to conceptual always expressing the essence of an idea or subject.

He is also the official artist of the Houston Lamborghini Festival since 2014.

Some of his clients include Reebok Brazil, Major League Soccer, NFL & Lone Star Sports & Entertainment. His work has been published and featured in magazines and newspapers in Italy, Romania, Brazil, United States, and Mexico.

His exhibit trajectory includes solo shows in Puebla in Mexico, Vancouver in Canada, Moscow in Russia, Houston in the US, and art fairs in Milan, Italy, and Miami Basel. Currently, twelve of Betirri's paintings are part of an international tour called 'Ball in Art' which is organized by a Russian Foundation that started in Moscow in 2018 and touring East Europe and Asia countries until 2022. The exhibit is formed of different artists around the world who paint the subject of football and it will be presented in Qatar during the 2022 World Cup.

Betirri's background is in architecture. He has used his skills in the development of a themed park proposed in East Downtown, Houston. Named Goal Park, it will be the enhancement of the Columbia Tap Trail using it as a platform for the community to practice public health and enjoy public art. This has been a volunteered work since 2015.

Betirri has practiced art professionally since 2012 as an independent artist sustaining one hundred percent from commissions and the sell of his paintings and drawings.


Sports and a healthy lifestyle play an important role in society in any country. Sports are a way of identity for many. Sports keep us in constant motion, motivated, inspired, and alive. Sports are full of emotions and discipline, just like art. When I was a kid, I wanted to become a professional football (soccer) player, but my asthma condition didn't let me go further as I wished. However, art was the only path to stay as close to the sports as an athlete or manager. Although I admire certain athletes, I believe more in the team effort of most sports. I create timeless masterpieces that express that team effort through a bodiless figure in motion.

My mission as an artist is to reflect the impact that sports have in our society by different visual creative outlets such as painting, muralism and graphics.

- Betirri