Bob Ethington

Uptown Houston

Director of Research and Economic Development

What is on the horizon for Uptown Houston, or as we commonly say “The Galleria Area” and what is going on there with so much construction? Inquiring Minds want to know.


The Hess Club

February 21, 2019


It covers a vast area with Memorial Park, Galleria, and The Post Oak Boulevard project. and has experienced $3 billion worth of development. This unique urban environment blends international business professionals, fashionistas, city dwellers and tourists from around the globe.

Soaring business towers boasting more than 26 million square feet of commercial office space, and elegant high rise residences designed by renowned architects intermingle with high-end boutiques in a compact and accessible enclave, making for a setting that is nothing less than spectacular.

Each day, more than 200,000 people converge in Uptown Houston to work in prestigious office buildings, stay in more than 7,800 well-appointed hotel rooms, dine in magnificent restaurants and shop in acclaimed stores.

New green spaces and parks that enhance the area’s garden district feel are being created.  And everywhere…opportunity abounds. What is next on their horizon?

Bob Ethington joined the Uptown Houston Management District in 2010.  His first assignment was to research the history of Uptown and archive the story. That narrative was made into a historical documentary, produced by Texas Foundation for the Arts and  featured on PBS.  Following that assignment, Mr. Ethington was asked to expand his role to include economic development. 

Today, he is Director of Research and Economic Development and Community Liaison for The Boulevard Project. Mr. Ethington has taken part in a number of improvement projects and economic advancement, serving the Uptown Houston area for 8 years.