What to Bring to Camp

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At Camp Allen, you will be housed in a “motel-like” setting. Rooms will be assigned upon arrival. Linens, towels, sheets, blankets, pillow and similar items are provided.

You will need to bring any personal items such as toothbrush, razors, hair dryer and other toiletries.

If you have a scientific calculator, please bring it with you.

Comfortable, casual, modest clothing - jeans, T-shirts and TENNIS SHOES are required.  No low cut shirts, crop tops, muscle shirts, or short shorts.  No functions at Camp Enterprise require anything other than casual clothing. You will receive a Camp Enterprise T-shirt which should be worn for the photo session on Friday afternoon and at other times as desired.

You will not need to bring any money with you except for use in vending machines; no meal or social events will be held away from the camp. The Rotary Club of Houston will pay for all meals and lodging.

You may bring electronic devices. The camp reserves the right to restrict their use.

If you have a musical instrument that could be used in the Team Talent Contest held on Saturday evening, you may feel free to bring it also.

You will be involved in meeting business leaders, camp alumni, and student leaders from around the Houston area. You are encouraged to bring “business cards” that will help you to connect to leaders that may help you get involved with your community and business in the Houston area.


Your parents have entrusted your care for the weekend to the Rotary Club of Houston. Also, you are a representative of your school. You are expected to act responsibly, reflecting decorum and good manners. These rules will help you do so.

All enrolled campers must attend camp presentations and other organized activities and remain in the general area of the conference center.
   - No foul language, alcoholic beverages, tobacco or recreational drugs.
   - No private vehicles (unless special permission obtained in advance).
   - No visiting the room of a member of the opposite sex after “lights out”
   - No cell phones or personal entertainment devices during any session, meeting or gathering.
         (i.e. iPads, iPods, video games etc.)

Violations of any of the above rules or other disruptive conduct may cause the Rotary Club of Houston to terminate a student’s participation in camp. If that occurs, the student’s parent or guardian will be notified and be responsible for providing return transportation.

Your team coach will contact you.  If you have any questions, please contact your team coach. If you still have questions, then contact:
1. Ian Hancock - 2015 Chair, Camp Enterprise - 713-584-7480 or ian@hm-equity.com

2. Geraldine Mullins – Club Administrator - 713-973-9936 or geraldine@rotaryhouston.org